Slides of the presentation at ICAPS-06 on the IPC-5 results.

ICAPS'06 abstract booklet of the IPC-5 planners

Results, Domains and Generators

Syntax Checker for PDDL3.0

A syntax checker for the BNF grammar of PDDL3.0 is available here. (This software is an extension of the parser of the LPG planner.)

Validation of PDDL3.0 Plans

An automatic validation tool for PDDL3.0 is available here. Latest version now available through this link (October'20).

Information Files Distributed to the Competitors

During the competition several information files have been sent to the competitors. The full list is available here

Some Examples of PDDL3.0 Domains/Problems
(distributed before the competition)

The following domains and problems were obtained by extending the formalization of the known "ZenoTravel" domain (from IPC 2002) by including some new features of PDDL3.0. The examples are available in this archive: